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What is Alexa? What does Alexa do in twenty-first century homes?

 What is Alexa virtual? What does Alexa do in twenty-first century homes?

Alexa is a virtual assistant, it was invented by Amazon in 2014, as an invention that would revolutionize our homes and the interaction with computing and the home.
Alexa is an assistant that is activated by voice and executes the commands it receives
Alexa is currently available in English, German, Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish.
Alexa can control various smart devices that are compatible with this system, such as spotlights, intercoms, video surveillance cameras, and smart switches.
perfectly integrable with the domotica, Alexa interprets language and reacts to your requests or queries with verbal responses or by performing the requested action.
With new technologies and growing compatibility with smart home devices, Alexa and Amazon Echo are now the ideal hub of your connected home.
Where it was previously a disparate mix of devices and brands, Amazon Echo has brought all of this together.
There are thousands of devices compatible with Alexa, light bulbs, tv plugs, appliances, home lighting, humidifiers, music equipment, ..
Imagine for a moment that you say Alexa, I’m leaving home, and Alexa that is previously programmed, turns off the lights, and connects the alarm of your home.
Most users use Alexa to listen to music, but the potential for actions that our virtual assistant can execute is very large and varied.
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